Newbie's Guide to the Estimote Galaxy

Welcome to the Estimote Forums. We’ve gathered the most popular topics from our community to help you get on the right track. If you’re new to beacons and Estimote, start from the beginning and by the end of the list you’ll get to call yourself an Estimote guru. If you’ve been around for a bit but still have lots of doubts when working with beacons, screen through the list and find the topics most relevant to your use case. Most link to plenty others so with a bit of digging you’ll have every doubt cleared quite easily. Finally, if you still have any questions, please feel free to open a new forum topic or post in an existing one.

Introduction to beacons will take you through the basics of how beacons work, how they interact with devices and what are the common misconceptions.:

Getting started with Estimote, beacons, and microlocation

How beacons deliver content to mobile devices?

Estimote devices covers our beacons and aims to help you choose the right ones for your use case.

Proximity vs Location Beacons

Estimote Stickers

Estimote Mirror

Location Beacons with UWB

Estimote Cloud part gives you wide coverage of the platform our users use for managing their beacons.

What is Estimote Cloud?

I cannot see my beacons in the Estimote Cloud, how do I add them?

Why do I need Apps in Estimote Cloud? How to use the App Templates?

Beacons in details focuses more on in-depth knowledge about our beacons, in particular their specifications and the way they broadcast.

Technical specification of Estimote Beacons and Stickers

What are Broadcasting Power, RSSI and other characteristics of a beacon’s signal?

What are region Monitoring and Ranging?

How precise are Estimote Beacons?

What is a beacon protocol? Can beacons broadcast multiple packets simultaneously?

Beacons in practice goes through most common use cases for beacons and offers guidelines for each of them.

How to send location-specific notifications? / How to use geofencing?

The Ultimate Guide to Working With Beacons Without a Developer

How to set up a location in Estimote Indoor Location?

How Do I Use Here & Now?

Eddystone-URL and Physical Web: All You Need to Know

Best practices for installing Estimote Beacons

Your most pressing Indoor Location questions, answered!

Apps and projects with Estimote

Mastering Estimote part includes popular features, most searched topics and things you might find useful even if you’ve been coding for beacons for years.

How to modify UUID, Major, and Minor values?

How does secure UUID work?

What’s the battery life of Estimote Beacons? Can I optimize it?

Pushing notifications from iBeacon when the app is in the background or killed

Beacon Bulk Updater


Mesh networking

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