Estimote Cloud: No beacons registered on my account


I just wanted to try out some features in Estimote Cloud.
I registered the Estimote account with the same Email as when placing the order.

However, my beacons, although they are shown in the “Beacons” tab, don’t show up a) neither in the “Here & Now” feature:

b) nor in the app template generator:


a) Here & Now requires Location Beacons, from the screenshot it looks like you have the Proximity Beacons.

b) This templates uses the iBeacon packet, but your beacons are set to Eddystone-UID. The message is misleading, we’ll change it! (:

Thanks for the answers.
a) yes, you are right, that was my fault
b) Ah, okay. Well, you are clearly still focused on Apple devices at the moment (indoor location, app templates, etc.), aren’t you :wink: I hope the android side will get more support in the future, but your company is still a start-up.