Absolutely new desesperate where to start

absolutely new desesperate where to start

Hola Andres,

you can start reading the documentation for developers here.
You have to think about your project: what do you want to do, what is the beacon need (power, accuracy, …) to begin :slight_smile:

Hi Ximun

I already read the most important documentation about beacons
Today accidentaly I discoveerd the packets
so I supposed if I am gonna developed the beacon as android then I have to establish the packet on the estimote cloud, right ?

I already did that

I have all the Prerequisites in order to test one beacons with Eddystone-UID
and Andorid Studio 2.3.1

but I have a doubt about bluetooth
Its seems that beacons use the 4.0 bluetooth low energy, right ?
so I supposed the celular has to have the same bluetooth protocol, rigth ?
I mean at least 4.0
is that right ?

Yes, the Estimote beacons are broadcasting iBeacon & Eddystone frames, with the Bluetooth Low Energy technology (Bluetooth 4.0). But today most of phones are implementing this technology.
I never configured the Estimote cloud, but what I know is that you have to download the Estimote Android SDK to code your app’. There are examples of app’s with the SDK, you should test with your beacons.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Exactly Ximun

I have all the prerequisites
Have the estimote cloud
An example that comes with the tutorial in android already compiled on Android Studio
2 beacons (one with Eddystone-UID)
And a LG K10 LTE cell phone with android 6.0

even I pay as an android developer (but that I supposed is another history)

but now

I will like to to see what happend on the cell phone

I have been trying to connect the cell via USB but Android Studio does not recognize it
that could be the problem

what you think ?


when you open the Estimote example project with Android Studio, there is a little green arrow named Run. Click on it and see if your device is seen.
If it is not, on a Linux machine:

  • install adb (Android Debug Bridge), and see with the line-command adb devices if your phone is listed.
  • maybe adb is already installed with Android Studio, just enter the line-command.

yesterday I bought a new cell phone motorola G second generation
I was wondering if that ADB will work with the phone


Hey Ximun
Im so Exceited
android studio finally was able to connect with my cell phone
and I could try the example
but beacon not respond yet

but at least the first step was already been made

now the second step its to find out
why the estimote beacon not respond as its supposed to do

thanks to your guide Ximun


happy to help :slight_smile:
What example are you using? I advise you using the ProximityContent example to detect your beacons. Change the initialize() method in the MyApplication.java document with your App ID and App Token. After, connect you phone to the net to retrieve information.

Hello ximum
Yesterday afternoon before you wrote to me by mail, I was able to run the proximity sample on my cell phone and the application worked perfectly, without changing a single letter of code

Anyway I will try the suggestions that you meet me

thanks again

Im so excited
mint and ice respond to the cell phone changing the background color of the nearest beacon
Im so happy

whats next in order to push an advertise inside the beacon range

thanks again Ximun

Ah cool ^^

what do you want to do ?

Hello Ximun
This is my last year studying to get my degree as a computer engineer
And my memory is about IOT or the Internet of things
My project is about sending publicity or information to the students inside the university
And to the public that passes near the university

Does it have anything to do with geofence?
What do I have to investigate?
With your valuable help


Hey Andres,

first, you have to list all the possibilities you can encounter: Bluetooth, Wifi, (ZigBee ?), …
With Estimote, you are in the Bluetooth Low Energy case. The geofence is a virtual border you build with your beacons, the limit is the transmitting range. Estimote provides you the monitoring technology, witch advertise you when you enter/exit a region (you walk trough the geofence). So I think it’s a good idea for you project, the real issue is defining a precise region with your beacons that includes the university.
It seems to me that you can define a region with a UUID for the university, a major defining the building and a minor for the room for example.

On Android:

UUID univUUID = UUID.fromString("XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX"); BeaconRegion univRegion = new BeaconRegion("Univ region", univUUID, null, null);

All the beacons with univUUID will be checked when you start the monitoring task:


When a folk enters a region, the app’ will notify him, and as long as he stays in range of a region-included beacon, he will not have other notification. But when he exits the region (he’s not longer in a region-included beacon’s range), the app’ will advertise him.
That’s the good point of the Estimote SDK: it scans depending on a BeaconRegion, so various beacons cans create a larger region when close enough.

Hope it helps ^^

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Yes Ximun
That’s exactly what I need to do and as you say, the main aim is to find the right place where to allocated the beacons. But now, while I´m writing this email, I experience an issue with the notifications app that I downloaded from the estimote cloud. It seems to work perfectly, but the behavior of the smartphone is as if it is entering and leaving a beacon´s zone, but the reality is that the smartphone has not moved. What could be the problem ? I bought the beacons in March
apparently thats happened just one time

thanks again

pd I´m testing the App using Android Studio 2.3.1 and a Motorola G (2 Generation)

Oi Andres,

maybe you were at the limit range of the region; so the app’ received the signal one time, another time not, …
You could be interested in the beacon settings, maybe you can use such features like the broadcasting power.
Unfortunately, I never tested the monitoring technology, I personally use the ranging one at the moment.

Ok Ximun
I’ll check the setting´s beacons, it sounds very powerful. Other doubt is yesterday I changed the beacon´s name and the cloud estimote sample´s applications stopped working, that was because I changed the beacon´s name ?
Pd I´m improving my English skills ja

Aupa Andres,
I can’t tell you what was the problem, I always changed beacon’s name by the Estimote app’ (and it worked).

Okay, Ximun.
Another strange case was that yesterday I traveled all night 1,000 kms south of Santiago de Chile to Puerto Varas and when I went back to run the proximity application again that in Santiago worked perfectly, here in Puerto Varas it seems that it did not work. which may be

greetings again

How, maybe they are lot of interferences… I’m not sure a travel can alternate beacons efficiency.

Have you tried moving to another room, going outside or checking the beacon’s settings with the Estimote app’?