How beacons deliver content to mobile devices?

Estimote Beacons and Stickers do not deliver content on their own. BLE standard allows only for small data packets to be transmitted over Bluetooth. Depending on beacon protocol, payload can include:

  • beacon ID (iBeacon, Eddystone, Nearable protocols)
  • Measured Power (iBeacon, Eddystone, Nearable)
  • sensor data (Eddystone, Nearable)
  • battery level and telemetry data (Eddystone, Nearable)
  • URL address (Eddystone)
  • It’s not possible to include additional data in the payload or to flash a beacon with a firmware allowing for broadcasting a custom data packet.

    So, I need an app, right?

    Yes. It’s an app that detects beacons in proximity. It understands which beacons it’s ‘hearing’, it can approximate distance, and it can read the embedded URL and sensor/telemetry data. This allows for a myriad of interactions, from contextual offers, to contactless payments, to indoor location.


    To interact with beacons, an app needs to use Estimote SDK, Apple’s Core Location, or Google’s Proximity API.

    Depending on the desired action, the app has to be active, can be running in the background, or can be killed entirely. To learn more, read:

  • What are region Monitoring and Ranging?
  • How to launch notifications in iOS when the app is killed?
  • Are there any ready apps I can integrate with? Sure thing! There are platforms in different verticals that use beacons, so you don’t need to build your app from scratch. Some of them include:

  • Cuseum (museums)
  • Wisely (restaurants)
  • GuestDriven (hotels)
  • CrowdCompass (events)
  • Robin (office)
  • Beecon (home automation)
  • There are also Apple and Google services that natively support beacons:
  • Apple Wallet (formerly Apple Passbook)
  • Google Chrome
  • I want to build an app but I’m not a developer

    Nothing to worry about, you can use one of the existing CMS tools to create your app without being an expert programmer.

    Tools to explore:
  • Rover
  • Pushmote
  • Bleesk
  • PencilCase
  • You can also find developers to help you with your project on Estimote Community Forums. Post here!