Apps and Projects with Estimote

Here you’ll find a list of apps and projects using Estimote beacons, tools, and software.
Note that this is not a full and comprehensive list of all the projects out there with our beacons. There are so many more! Below are just the ones we’ve covered in our blog and on our Community Portal.


Art and Museums
Guggenheim Museum: The icon of modern art puts Estimote beacons on display
Ca' Rezzonico, Estimote Indoor Location operating in a Venetian Wonderland
Brooklyn Museum: bringing apps and UX design into an exhibition
Success as a Service: exploring the collaboration between Estimote and Cuseum
SonicPlanet used Estimote beacons to deliver 3D sound experience
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Tesco and Estimote, pioneering grocery stores of the future
xdi360 brings more context to BMW World with Estimote beacons
BeMaty enhances jewelry shopping with beacons
Beacon-driven customer journey is Blocco31's ace in the hole
Notify Nearby converts 52% of users into potential buyers with Estimote
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RedBull partners with byBORRE, CWI, and Nearables for an ultra-sensory experience
Fiat Group launches beacons at the 2016 Mondial de l'Auto in France
How Sephora uses beacons and Eventfuel to run events smooth
FC Barcelona builds smart spaces at Camp Nou with beacons
EXPO 2016 Antalya uses Estimote beacons in one of the world's largest microlocation projects
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Using Nearables to tell better stories
Church of St. Michael's inspires and nourishes with the MichelApp
Somerset County breathes new life into libraries with a location-based app
Woodland Education and Xplor
Lightcurb and Estimote keep pushing school innovation in Kuwait
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Workplace and industry
Seek! lets Nomtek find any device in the office
Construction sites are safe and sounds with beacon-powered Buildstream
RedEye using Estimote for sharing engineering data
London Startup accelerators are getting beacons
All-Hours attendance tracking software with beacons
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Hospitality and small business
Porsche Leipzig takes beacons for a ride in the Customer Centre
Mobile Cloud Service at Manchester Airport's Group
ChopChop: the full stack dining app lets business fight back with Merchant pairings
Wisely uses Estimote to help restaurants enhance the dining experience
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Everyday life
Disabled communities finding quality of life improvements with beacons
Internet of Pets: it's not only about Things
Travel smarter with Duffler iBeacon Bag
Create your own weather station with MyWeatherCenter and Estimote
Stick to your diet thanks to beacons and Carrot Hunger
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Searching for hidden treasure with Locatify and Estimote beacons

Krumb - finally a social app that tells you what matters, only where it matters
Zondr helps over 10,000 students in Illinois discover places and events
300,000 beacon interactions let BLINQ pick the hottest club in Zurich
Share your real life moments with ReYou
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