I cannot see my beacons in Estimote Cloud dashboard. How do I add them?

To be able to manage your beacons in the Estimote Cloud dashboard, you first need them assigned to your Estimote Account. If it doesn’t happen automatically, you’ll see the following message after logging in to Estimote Cloud:

It seems you don't have any beacons registered in Cloud. Please contact our Support Team if you feel this is wrong or to purchase new beacons.![image](upload://hGgocw8Zwnfx3biOQXAEm4SFvd7.jpg)

Why am I seeing this?

Every Estimote Beacon is assigned to the email address used when placing an order. When you sign up for an Estimote Account with the same email address, you’ll automatically become the owner of those beacons. If you signed up with a different email though, you’ll be greeted with the above message.

Don’t worry: if you want to use a new account, you can still transfer the beacons. Just follow this guide:

How to transfer beacons and manage ownership settings?

What if I do not have access to the same email address?

In some cases you won’t be able to use the original email address to transfer the beacons, because they were ordered by procurement in your company, a colleague, or organizer of an event you attended. You can still request access to those beacons.

Claiming beacon ownership:

  1. open Estimote iOS app,
  2. enter Devices screen
  3. log in to your Estimote Account
  4. connect to a beacon you want to claim
  5. tap Claim in the top right corner. An email with a transfer request has just been sent to the original owner.

The owner doesn’t need an Estimote Account to proceed: they’ll be able to grant you access with a single click in their inbox.


If this doesn't work for you, just send us an email directly to contact@estimote.com and we'll help you manually reassign them to your account!

Activation codes

In some cases, like with our instant-ship pilot program and with Amazon orders, we provide beacons with activation codes. You should be able to find an activation code inside of your devkit box. Using an activation code will automatically transfer all beacons assigned to this code to your Estimote Account.

To activate beacons, go to https://cloud.estimote.com/#/activateBeacon and enter your activation code.


Please note that activation codes are not added to most devkits. If you do have an activation code and it's giving you trouble, just reach out to us directly and let us know the exact issue. We're here to help!

How can I let others access my beacons?

It’s possible to transfer beacons to new owners and to share IDs of your beacons with third party apps. However, right now there is no way to share full access to beacons between multiple Estimote Accounts. Therefore, if you want more team members allowed to see and edit beacons settings, we advise sharing a single account.