Why do I need Apps in Estimote Cloud? How to use the App Templates?

Apps section in Estimote Cloud is where you can download app templates, manage API access, and share your beacon networks with third party projects.

Creating an app and downloading an App Template

You can think of each app as a separate project with Estimote Beacons. Setting up an app in Estimote Cloud will automatically generate an Xcode/Android Studio project with Estimote SDK implemented. You can also choose from templates that have basic funcionality already implemented.

To create an app in Estimote Cloud:

  1. log into Estimote Cloud at cloud.estimote.com
  2. go to the Apps section and then Add New App
  3. choose a template with predefined features or a blank app
  4. choose your preferred programming language
  5. name your app and select which beacons should be associated with it
  6. click Download template


Template will download to your computer automatically. You will also see the app listed in Estimote Cloud.

Available templates:

  • Notification
  • Proximity Content for a Single Beacon
  • Proximity Content for Multiple Beacons
  • Blank project
  • Configuration
  • Estimote Monitoring
  • Loyalty
  • Your Own App

    Do I have to download App Templates from Estimote Cloud to build my own beacon-enabled app?

    No, you can build your app with Estimote SDK from scratch if you want to.

    Keep in mind that to access some of the features of Estimote platform (see below) you will need to use an API credentials (App token and App ID). Separate API credentials are created for each app, but you don’t need to download a template to access them.

    To create API credentials for an existing app:

    1. log into Estimote Cloud at cloud.estimote.com
    2. go to the Apps section and then Add New App
    3. choose Your Own App
    4. name your app
    5. generate the app along with App ID and App Token

    The app will be listed in the Apps section now. You can use its API credentials to access Estimote API with Estimote SDK.


    Accessing apps and API credentials

    Each app has App ID and App Token assigned. These values are used to connect to Estimote Cloud API: they work as a sort of login and password in Estimote SDK.

    You will need to use them if your app does any of the following:

  • connects to beacons
  • changes beacon settings
  • interacts with beacons with Secure UUID enabled
  • uses Infrastructure Sharing
  • uses Analytics

    You can find the ID and Token of each app in the Apps section and in the settings of each app.


    Infrastructure Sharing

    Infrastructure Sharing is an easy and secure way to share the IDs of your beacons with third party apps. Opening your beacon network this way can pave the way for more revenue streams in your venue and for great mobile experience provided to visitors.

    To learn how to use Infrastructure Sharing, read:

    How to share your beacons?

  • Could you please add indoor location templates (android)?

    I am unable to download “proximity for multiple beacons” app template.
    Download page show 0 beacons and does not allow to proceed.
    I have 0 proximity beacons and 6 location beacons in my account.

    I believe Location beacons also support proximity feature.
    Can you please enable download?