Beacon settings - Urgent


I have a questions about the bellow points and i really need help on that :

1- what is estimote monitoring activation on the estimote cloud and beacon settings ?

2- how can i know the location of my beacon if lost? (Very important)

3- can i activate the alerts of my beacons like : fall alert , missing alert, and battery alerts. and how can i get the alerts ?

4- what is proximity with eddystone packets and google near by, how can i get benefits of it ?

Thank you …

Hi Aswar!

I’m not sure if I understood the first question properly. If you were asking what Estimote Monitoring is, this article should help. If you’re curious how to enable EM, visit this one.

To know the location of a beacon when it’s lost, you would need to get the newly launched LTE Beacons. They’re the only beacons with GPS module and can upload their position to the Cloud, making it easy to find them if lost.

You can definitely activate the alerts you mentioned and send them over Estimote Telemetry. You’ll, however, need to have a mobile device nearby to receive those alerts and upload them to the Cloud. Again, LTE Beacon might come in handy.

Google Nearby is Google’s tech that allows you to send silent notifications without an app. It’s not a part of our stack but the latest Proximity and Location Beacons allow for using it. You can read more about it here, check also Google’s Proximity docs here.

Lemme know if you need help with anything else!

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