Necessity of the Cloud

Hey guys!

I am currently creating an app that is intended to be used in locations with WiFi networks, but with no Internet access.

Development is going very smoothly, but I fear that my efforts may be futile if this constraint is a necessity for the SDK’s.

Quoting the Newbie’s Guide to the Estimote Galaxy:

With these inabilities in mind, my question now is could I still get a lot out of a given SDK without Cloud access (e.g can I still take advantage of zones)?

Hi Walt,

Proximity SDK is based on tags and attachments that are fetched from the Estimote Cloud whenever any event happens (e.g. enter, exit). Because of that, the internet access is necessary to trigger those interactions. There’s, however, a way to cache this data and trigger events properly even when there’s no internet connection. Users will need to connect to the internet at least once, though, to properly fetch the necessary details. We covered it briefly in our docs here.

Maybe you could reach out to us at and tell us more about your use case for beacons? Our developers will be happy to suggest the best approach.

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I see that the app caches the data after connecting.

In this context, users have no Internet access, but have WiFi access.
There is one entity that has VERY limited access to the Internet, but has enough to grab all the info it needs from the Estimote Cloud.

Would their be some way for this Internet monopolist to get this data, push it to users, where the app programmatically updates the caches on their phones?

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