Estimote Cloud manage of beacons

I changed the images and texts on the site application example # / beacons. in the action for blueberry pie . I saved the changes, but the device still seeing each original same images. As I can do to make new images and text viewing on the IPHONE 4s device. thanks

Hello Sergio!

Please remember that you will see changes in the 'Cloud' element of the mobile app.
You need to download it through the special link.
How to do this?
1. Go to Cloud web app on your phone
2. Choose 'Account settings'
3. Click the link on the bottom of the page to download the app

That's it! You should open the 'Cloud' part of the app and be able to see the changed content.

Let me know, if you have any other question.

Estimated Ola

If I understand correctly, the step 3 is the screen below in the browser of my iphone it's true? , but I do not see what the link you mention me.
I have changed some pictures and messages but I can not see them in my IPHONE, and not as be updated.
I guess the sense of being able to change this information is to customize the sample to a potential client, right?

Thanks for your patience, I'm learning something I find wonderful technologically


Hi Ola! I am a bit lost in the cloud to. I am trying to configure my beacons automatically by downloading the data from the cloud and pushing it to some Estimotes without human intervention. In other words, I am trying to sync the server and the Estimotes. Is there an SDK that allows me to configure beacons using my own application instead of Estimote's app? If yes, where is the documentation?


I have changed the content in the cloud, and find the elink on the bottom of the page to download the app,but it send me a mail, i opened the mail on the phone, click the install button,nothing happend

Thanks for the information. It seems there is a bug that prevents you from downloading the app. We're working on it right now and will get back to you as soon as possible.


You could use our Cloud beta SDK. It's available under the link displayed in the Account Settings in your Cloud account.
Please remember though that it's a beta version for now.

The cloud functionality seems to be for iOS only at the moment. When will there be a new release of the Android app ?

Has this issue been resolved? I cannot see a link to the app in the cloud settings. I have changed the alerts but app does not update.

please send me the email address for which you've set up the account and I'll be able to help. ola at

It's on our roadmap, but no specific timeline to reveal yet.

Hey ola,

I did not get "Cloud Beta Sdk" in my cloud setting. please help me.

Hi again!

What exactly would you like to do with that?

Cause at the moment we do not support the Cloud beta SDK . It was mainly for the CMS features, which we switched off some time ago.

Let me know, what you want to achieve and maybe you don't need that SDK for that.