Why does this claiming of beacons work like crap

We've ordered a bag of estimote beacons (25 of them) under a PM's email address. After I finally managed to 'claim' them to be able to configure them under my own account with the estimote app... (who came up with this stupid system anyway, I understand you want to gather as much data as possible of your PAYING users, location, usage and what-not, but at least give them something in return, especially since when your not-all-too-fast 'cloud' system is down I can't do shit with MY beacons).
Anyway, I claimed the beacons to my account and today I'm trying to configure the beacons I did some configuration on yesterday. Well guess what, somehow they are not 'mine' anymore, in none of the two accounts. The app keeps showing me the claim button... but I did claim them yesterday? Now they are neither showing up in the PM's account nor mine. Luckily we bought 25 so we can afford to loose the ownership of some :')

Hi Evan,

The claiming system is not designed to gather data about paying users: or any users for that matter. To be clear, currently Estimote Cloud does not include any paid features.

Is it possible that someone has transferred the beacons to your account through the cloud dashboard and then accepted the claim via email? If so, it might cause a collision in the system: please send me the original order number to wojtek@estimote.com, I'll assign the beacons manually.

Also, we want our Community Portal to be a nice digital place for people to enjoy, so would appreciate toning down a notch :)


Pardon my French but I'm quite frustrated by the claim system, especially since it doesn't work properly.
Yesterday I managed to claim the beacons and today 8 out of 25 beacons are gone from my account. I actually configured some of them yesterday and now the app only shows me the claim button for these beacons. They won't show up in my dashboard nor the account I've 'claimed' them from. This doesn't give me much faith in the underlying system. And as we were planning on using these beacons in a big event for which we've a test-run tomorrow this is really bad timing. The order wasn't placed by me so I can't send you the order number at the moment, I guess these beacons stay in void for now. I'll try to get the order number tomorrow.

Hi again Evan,

Sorry for the frustration. As mentioned above, I suspect your 'claim' request was sort of double-confirmed: it was accepted in the email and the beacons were then also migrated through the Estimote Cloud dashboard, which ended up in a collision. It's an edge case we're currently working to adddress.

When you obtain the order number please send it over to me (wojtek@estimote.com) along with your Estimote Cloud login. Thanks!