Buy beacons from other person, i can't CLAIM :(

i’m a little developer from italy, i’m studing IT on the university and for my degree i choose a project with beacons.
i buy a dev kit of 3 beacons from a little hardware market in my zone.
so, at this time i can’t claim the beacons in my estimote cloud account (
the person that sold me the account was disappeared and i don’t know what i can do now.
please…someone can help me?

Shoot us an email to and we’ll try to sort this out. Note that we’ll likely need some proof that the beacons are now supposed to belong to you—a photo of the dev kit in your possession, a confirmation email of your purchase from the original owner, something like that.

hi heipiotr
thanks for a fast reply.
i will send you in about 10 minutes an email with a photo of a dev kit and we try to resolve my problem.
thanks in advanced.