Claim failed due to server error


I am having problems claiming my beacon. I received it at a hack event back in May and today tried to claim it so I can start building apps with it and every time I try to claim it, I get a message saying:

“Claim failed due to server error. Please try again in few minutes”

I have done this several times with no success. Can someone advise me on this, or at least make the beacon ownable to me?



Shoot us a message to, and we’ll assign it to your account (:

Thanks Piotr, I’ve just sent a message. Do you know what may be the cause of this? There are a couple of people in my office with beacons and may get the same problem when they start to use them.

If you got your beacon at a hackathon, then it most probably has no previous owner (we require the previous owner to confirm the claim request before it goes through), and thus Estimote Cloud is denying the request. The error message could certainly be more clear though (:

Yeah I did get it from a hackathon, that explains it! All sorted with Witek from your support team now :slight_smile:

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hi, the same problem happend to me, how to clain my beacons, please offer a solution