Beacon claim failed

Hey there,

I was given 2 estimote beacons from my friend. However I cannot claim them through your Estimote app.
Below are screenshots from Estimote Examples app.

Is there a way to assign those beacons to my account ?

Thank you

Adam Studenic


I’ve transferred beacons to your account :smile: Let me know if you need anything else!


Hey there once again,

could you please add to my account those 3 beacons as well?

I have borrowed these beacons recently and cannot claim them to work with them im my account.

Thank you

The current owner of the beacons should be sent an email when you click claim, and needs to approve the transfer. Or, he can manually transfer the beacons to your email on

What’s the problem with claim that you’re experiencing?

Could you please tell me the current owner? Because the company who gave me those beacons cannot remember the account they used for registration to
I have sent the claim and it seems not to be delivered or they cant find it.

Sent you a private message.

Sorry this is not as seamless as we’d want it to be—we need to balance ease of use with making sure that only authorized people can access beacons. I hope for your understanding, and let me know how else we can help!

I’m having a similar problem. I tried to claim beacons using the iOS app with a new account. I received the claim confirmation email for the original account and clicked “Transfer Beacon”, which took me to a web page with the message that the beacons were no longer mine. However, logging in to the Estimote Cloud with the original account showed that those beacons were indeed still associated with that account.

Then I tried logging in to Estimote Cloud with the original account and selecting the beacons and clicked “Transfer”. I typed in the email address of the new account and I got an error message that something went wrong and try again later.

Seems I can neither claim beacons with a new account, nor transfer them with the original account. How can I move beacon ownership from one account to another?

Really sorry for the trouble! Can you shoot us an email to with the name of the original account and the new account? We’ll investigate ASAP!