Claiming not working


I just replaced the battery of a first-gen Estimote and updated its firmware. Now, when I access it in the Estimote iOS app v 2.4 (just downloaded), I get the message "Beacon does not belong to <my-email-address>. So, I click "Claim," send off the Claim email, but the "Beacon does not belong . . ." message never goes away.

My UUID is B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D, Major is 61328, and Minor is 50788. MAC is DF:FA:C6:64:EF:90.

Please help.

I'm guessing you can fix your database to make this work - there's a query to the cloud? However, how can I always get this to work?



I've just send you an email about that. Please check your email and let me know if you have any further questions.


We're experiencing the same issue after replacing the batteries, is there a top secret way to fix the "beacon doesn't belong to ..."?

They had to register my Estimotes in their database. They expected to have done it before they shipped them to me, but they hadn't.

Now that someone at Estimote registered them in their db, the beacons are working fine.

Hi Jason, Mike,

Yes it's true we had to register the Mike's beacons because as it was an order from the very first batch last year sth went wrong in the system. However, it was an expectional error and we don't expect it to occure after that.

Jason - the reason that you cannot claim your beacon is probably that you didn't sign up to the Estimote Cloud or you signed up with different e-mail address from the one that you used while placing the order. Feel free to drop me a line aga [at] and I will check it for you.


I'm having the same issue. Same UUID as mentioned above. MAC address is F2:15:3B:D2:0B:43. Please fix. Thanks.

Hi David, could you contact me at witek[at]