Where's firmware 2.2 and 2.4 of App?

I read the blog about power management but none of my beacons is showing an update to 2.2 and the App doesn't have the power management function

Hi Sydney,

Have you downloaded the newest app from AppStore and upgraded your beacons through it?

In order to upgrade your beacon, please go to Beacon tab in the app and pick the beacon you'd like to upgrade. When you log into the beacon, you will see a purple circle next to the firmware version.

Does it help?

Yes. The beacons updated to 2.1 a and says it's up to date

Here's the screenshot from the app


I'm sorry for the confusion. 2.1 version is the most up-to-date firmware we have released. And the newest app is 2.4.

Does it clear it out for you?

So how do I do the power management you blogged about in July?

Please go to Battery Level panel while you're connected to a beacon and you will be able to change power modes.

Tell me if it helps!


Hi, i have a problem.. i am trying to update from firmware 1.9 to 2.0 my beacons but when i do it with the Example app everything it ok until the update progress get stock in 0%. Can i have some help with this??

Hi Sergio,
I've sent you an email with some instructions to try. Please check your inbox.

I am also trying to update my beacon from 1.9 to 2.1 using your 2.4 version of app. I am at the stage where it asks to put the beacon on your phone to start the update process but I don't see anything started????

How long does it take to finish?

Hi Robert,

The progress should be visible on the screen. Did you try killing the app and launching it once again? Also, please make sure you have a stable internet connection.