Firmware 2.0 update error

I just downloaded iOS-SDK-2.0beta and am running the Examples app on my iPhone 4s. I am able to use the first three demos (distance, proximity, notification), and I look forward to trying out the Sensor Demos soon.

But when I attempt to update my iBeacon firmware, I'm getting the following error message in the XCode console:

Error while checking firmware update: No content available

Not sure what the issue is. My phone is successfully connecting to the Beacon, but I never see any "Update progress," and I get the above error in my console.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Derrick,

Please try going through the update process once again, as described here: Let me know if this helps!

We're introducing some changes and bugfixes to the FW, so for a couple of days updating may not work. By the end of the next week everything should be back on track.


Wojtek, now when I run the app it says "Up to date!" but clearly it isn't. I noticed that the app is coded to display this message if no update is available:

    else if (!error && !result.isUpdateAvailable)

So I'm guessing you took the ability to update back offline for now. I'm looking forward to updating when you have it live next week!

We needed to take down firmware update for a second and fix some minor bugs. It will be back shortly.