I can't update my beacon

With one beacon everything goes well. However, with the next one, on the Beacon Update View (where's requested to put the beacon other the phone) nothing happends. The beacon Operating System is Estimote OS A2.0.. I already reboot the phone, the beacon and nothing change..
By the way, the first time I connect the beacon I recive the message that the beacon don't belong me, however, now I can connect and do everything except update.

Hi Jorge,

Sorry for my late respond. About the issue with a beacons firmware update I would recommend you the following steps:
1. Kill the app
2. Open again and tap 'Beacons' section
3. Below the beacon radar you should see option 'Update outdated beacons' - tap on it and it should do the job (see: https://imageshack.com/i/mriu46p)

About the second problem you've reported, we knew about the issue and it shouldn't occure anymore.

Let me know in case you still have any problems.

Hello Aga,

Thank you! Everything work fine like you said :)

Awesome :) Glad I could help!

I had the same problem, there are 5 beacons ,when i put one of them beside my iphone 。but noting happens in app UI。 my beacon is estimote os
A2.2.0 and my app is latest version。I have already tap on 'Update outdated beacons' button 。 but it still do not work 。