Cannot upgrade firmware of my Beacons

Hi, I have a Developer Preview Kit with 3 PROXIMITY Beacons, buyed in 2014.

The original buyer transferred me the Beacons in the cloud, all is right but some features are not supported, it says me to “upgrade my firmware”.

When I Click from Estimote App (last version from the App Store on iPhone 9.3.1 iOS) it says Estimote OS A2.1 but when I click on the tab it says me “The beacon is up to date”. But I think this Estimote OS A2.1 is a very old firmware. No way to do the update.

Hardware revisions of the Beacons is D3.4.

Some help on this please?


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I confirm to have the same on iOS 9.3.1 and beacons on A3.0.1. It says the beacon is up to date. Hardware also D3.4.

I can add that in the Estimote App, in Beacons list, my beacons appear to have red firmware field (with A2.1) so maybe the system recognizes it’s an old firmware? But , again, no way to do the update.

Any admin?

Also, if I add to update some features from the Cloud fleet Settings for my Beacons, it says me “Save changes failed”.

Looks like a bug, sorry about that! Can you post the MAC addresses of the affected beacons? You should be able to check the MAC address in the app, or on We’ll then look into that ASAP!

(Or you can private-message the MACs to me.)

Yep, there are my mac addresses:

Thanks, that was super helpful!

I look into our logs and it looks like it might be a bug: when connecting to a beacon for the first time, the app fails to download a list of available firmware updates. But if you then disconnect and connect again, I think it should work—could you give it a try, see if you can confirm my hypothesis?

e.g., I can see that the “ice” beacon of yours was never connected to yet, so it would exhibit this behavior. But your mint and blueberry beacons should work.

Actually, never mind, turns out it might have been a slightly different bug which we’ve just fixed. Hopefully it should work now for all of your beacons, without having to reconnect.

Thanks! All working now!

(ps I don’t have right now the “ice” beacon near me, I’ve transferred them from another account (maybe I’ve should say that to you before eheh) and Ice beacon is still in the hands of previous owner.)

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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