Virtual Beacon on Android

How can I change ny device to virtual beacon in android

At this time, you can only make an iOS device into a virtual beacon with our app or SDK.

But in iBeacon we can change android device as a Beacon. Why can’t in estimote

When we were building the first version of our Android app, Android devices couldn’t yet broadcast Bluetooth packets. Since Android 5.0, they can, but we simply haven’t added that yet to our app.

is virtual beacon’s still not supported in android ?

For the (still very limited set of) Android devices that support broadcasting Bluetooth packets, there now is a virtual beacon option in our Estimote app—although unlike in our iOS app, it broadcasts an Eddystone-URL packet instead of an iBeacon packet, because the iBeacon license doesn’t allow using iBeacon on anything other than iOS.

Could you list the manufacturer & model of the android devices that supports Eddystone via Estimote virtual beacons? Also, does the iOS version of Estimote Virtual beacon supports Default Estimote Broadcasting?

I don’t think a single complete list exists. We know it works on Nexus 6, 5X, 6P, and 9.

Yup, the Estimote iOS app broadcasts a UUID+major+minor packet.

can we add Android Virtual Beacon using Xamarin APIs ? if yes can we have some documentation .