New Proximity SDK


I’m trying to enable the Estimote monitoring, in order to use the proximity SDK.

After I’m switching the monitoring mode to ‘On’ I’m getting the following message:

This device can only broadcast one of the following at a time: iBeacon, Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL, Estimote Location.

What should I do in order to solve it and use the new Proximity?

Hi! We’ll be updating these settings soon, in order to clear up this issue.
At the moment, you can set up Estimote Monitoring directly on the beacon, by using the Estimote app. Remember to disable iBeacon in the app first :slight_smile:

Hi Raphael,

Thank’s for your reply.

When I’m using the Estimote app in my Samsung J7, it can’t see any of my beacons.

I’ve tried installing your app to other device and noticed there’s different between them.
In my device there’s only 2 tabs when I’m entering to configuration screen and in the other device there’s 3 tabs (see attached screenshot of my device).

Both devuces with your latest version.

Is there’s any way to solve it with my device?

Third tab is Virtual Beacon. Some phones does not support advertising so this card is not available.
Please specify exact version of App, because not all devices are updated at the same time (Google’s Play is using incremental rollout). It also will be easier for people that will look though forum in the future to check if their problem is still relevant.
You can check if other apps (like nRFConnect) are scanning BLE devices properly.
If you can generate BT Snoop Log we can analyse it and try to find solution. Also if you can provide Android logs from logcat it would be helpful.


I’m using Estimote version No. 2.6.1 with my Samsung J7.

I’ve installed it on another Android device, and there I can successfully configure my beacons.

I can successfully change the packets type from IBeacon to Estimote Telemetry/Eddystone-URL/Eddystone-UID/Eddystone-TLM, both on Estimote Android cloud and in the cloud. I can also see that the beacon is advertising different packets (using another Ble Scanner app).

But, when I’m trying to change the packet type to Estimote Monitoring, I keep seeing in the cloud a message that I should connect the beacon from the Android app before changes would be applied.

BTW, my beacon’s firmware is 4.9.1.

Attached is my btsnoop_hci logs file, I hope it can help. (74.5 KB)

Thanks for logs. We figured out what might be causing scanning problems. We are preparing fix.
Can try use withLowLatencyPowerMode() in your code and see if it is scanning?

   proximityObserver = ProximityObserverBuilder(applicationContext, EstimoteCloudCredentials(YOUR_APP_ID, YOUR_APP_TOKEN))

Samsung J7 does not support power conservation features like hardware filters and batch scanning. SDK is trying to turn them on by default which causes an error.

I’m glad my logs helped you.

I’d be glad to try your solution, but I’ve installed your application from Google Play. I don’t have it’s source.

I’ve downloaded your configuration sample app for Android.

I can successfully configure my beacons using it. The problem that it has very limited configuration capabilities.