Scanning for Eddystone beacons

I changed my beacons from the default type (iBeacon) to Eddystone in Estimote Cloud which then told me the settings were pending and that I needed to connect to the beacon via the Estimote Android app.

I connected through the app but it isn’t given me the option to change the beacon type as the Primary Packet Type is greyed out and just set to Estimote Default

Also when I now scan through the Android SDK with an Eddystone listener I get frequent callbacks in the onEddystonesFound() method but the size of the list passed to this method is zero.

Has anyone else seen a similar issue or know how to fix this?

I’ll answer my own question as no one from Estimote bothered to.

To convert an iBeacon to Eddystone I had to do the following…

  • Update the firmware of the beacon
  • Change the beacon type in the iPhone app, functionality is absent in the Android app

Then you can setup the Eddystone listener and scan for them with startEddystoneDiscovery()
Note that if you need to do any configuration of the beacons do it with the iPhone app and not Estimote Cloud as the cloud sending is garbage at synchronising changes and they will stay forever in a pending state.

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