Use motion features of Indoor SDK


I’m an iOS developer and currently I’m building an iOS app for an indoor navigation service.
I’ve created my own map class e I’ve placed all the Estimote Beacons in the rooms, the mean distance between two beacons is about 3 meters.
I’ve tried the Indoor SDK and I love the motion detection, performed by filter the data from accelerometer and the other sensors, for moving the avatar in the map, but in my case it is not utilizable due to battery problem: my constraint is that the battery should last almost 2 years.
So, I setup each beacon with -20dB gain and 550ms of advertising interval. The result is very good, when i move in the floor, the cursor move from one beacon to another one (it move to fixed positions). The avatar jump between beacons. Now I want to make a step over and take account of the user’s movement between two beacons.

My question is: can I use the motion feature of the indoor SDK in my project to update the position of the user between two fixed beacons? What recommended it to me?