Indoor Location Delays


I am facing some problems using the Indoor Navigation SDK.

I have created the location and added successfully the beacons to my location and created the application in iOS.

When I am displaying the avatar on the view, the avatar jumps from one beacon to another without having that smooth navigation as the Indoor Navigation App has. Another problem is that I have my device on the desk without moving and the avatar still moves and I am getting accuracy at +/- 2.62m without any movement.

Some other issues that I am facing is that I cannot add windows or doors to my location as the new application that maps the space does not recognize them. Any ideas of how I am going to do that? Or do you have any examples that can guide me for this process?
The app decided that I have to use 6 beacons. I placed them where the app told me but the accuracy is very bad. The room is small, maybe 10 meters x 5 meters. Are the beacons interfere between them or do I have to set any more settings for my beacons?

Thank you,
Iasonas Iasonos

Facing same kissanime problems here on my side mate. Anyone has any kind of solution groupme or explanation as to why this is happening. Thank in advance.