Indoor navigation in a large retail store

We are planning to implement Estimote beacons for a large retail store to facilitate the customers to navigate through the shelves. As a first step we are evaluating the two SDKs provided by Estimote.

1.Estimote SDK.
2.Indoor navigation SDK.

We have analysed Estimote SDK and we encountered the following issue.

  1. When the user is at equidistant from two beacons, the application will not know which beacon to choose. We are looking a way to avoid this problem.

We are encountering following issues in the indoor navigation SDK.

  1. By using Estimote App, We tried to configure beacons in a rectangular shaped room of area around 250 sq m . The floor plan drawn by the Estimote app was different from the actual floor, I have attached a screen shot for your reference.

  2. We also tried to configure beacons in a 15 sq m room, the floor plan gave by the app was correct but when we navigated inside the room the avatar dosen’t show the correct location.

We are not sure which SDK will fit for our need. Could some one, please advice.


Our Indoor SDK at this stage if fine-tuned against small and medium-sized spaces. We have an early private beta for support in large spaces (we’re testing it in a 7,000 square meters space), but don’t have an ETA yet for when it’ll come out.

We have some of our largest enterprise customers already using our regular SDK to provide location-based features in their apps—they usually simply deploy beacons throughout their stores, and they have their beacons associated with particular stores and departments in their own backend systems.

The background support for Indoor Location is also in the early testing stages, so if you want your app to be able to detect people moving throughout the store, regular SDK is also a more immediately-available solution.

Let me know what you think, and we can keep the discussion going. Always happy to help research, plan & prototype your solution! Do you already have an idea what location-based features do you want to implement in your app? (If you prefer, you can ping me directly at