Using Indoor SDK with more than one room


is it possible to setting up more than one room in Indoor SDK? How can I integrate multiple json files and switch between them? With one room everything works fine. But now I want to display and locate more than one room. Have anybody try this or an idea?


At this time, it’s only possible to work with one location at a time, but you could implement some logic that’d switch the location currently in use to a different one. Simply stopIndoorLocation, assign a different ESTLocation object to the currentLocation property of the ESTIndoorLocationManager, and then startIndoorLocation again.

We’ll be making this easier in the future, with seamless transition between locations.


for this I have a question. I would like to do something similar in my project. For this I would like to check beacons around me. I know which beacon is in which room, so my app have to load the right location for the beacons around me.
It’s a stupid question, but is it possible to use Indoor SDK and Estimate SDK at the same time? Can I check beacons around me, when my app is monitoring in my location?

If I remember correctly , I’ve tried to combine the Estimote SDK with the user’s orientation from Indoor SDK in a small project and it was compatible.

Thanks for that. I will try this in my project.

Yup, totally fine to use both the Indoor Location Manager and Beacon Manager, head-to-head. The only slight inconvenience to keep in mind: Indoor Location SDK currently comes bundled with the Estimote SDK 2.4, and doesn’t yet work with Estimote SDK 3.x. You can still detect beacons just fine with Estimote SDK 2.x, but since all of our documentation was already updated to 3.x, some things might slightly differ. (e.g., 2.x uses ESTBeaconRegion, while 3.x uses CLBeaconRegion, etc.)

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