IOS Indoor Location Integration

I am integrating IOS Indoor SDK into my application which should work exactly like Estimote’s Indoor application.I am able to display the location view from the cloud and able to track single person in the application but not able to update the same position to the cloud and not able to track more than 1 person in my application.

Please help me out with this.Thanks in advance

HI @sowjibhanu93!

When using iOS Indoor SDK, neither you are able to update position of particular person nor receive it from Estimote Cloud. It’s only available on Estimote Indoor application. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you any ETA when that SDK update would be released.

Hi Arek,
Thanks for the response.Can you please clarify one thing if i am using Estimote’s Indoor navigation app in huge location where we have nearly 4000 beacons can we track that using Indoor app ??? what is the limit of beacons we can use for one location and how many users we can track in real time ???

Thanks in advance

@sowjibhanu93, there are no tracking limits in terms of using Indoor app.

Referring to the question about beacon limits, if you don’t mind, would you share your idea by contacting us to ? Having a better grasp of what you would like to implement enable us to provide you the best answers.