Updated beacon to new firmware now ios app stays on connecting

I’ve updated the firmware on one of my beacons to the latest one with the Examples IOS app.
After this i changed the beacon to eddystone-url.

However i can no longer connect to the beacon with the Estimote IOS app.
And the Examples IOS app can’t find the beacon anymore.

Should i wait for the updated IOS app you are going to release or should i do something else?

Yup, the iOS app currently in the App Store can’t connect to beacons with firmware 3.2.0, due to some changes in the authorization mechanisms we made. An updated iOS app (2.15.1) should be out shortly (it’s currently in review) and you’ll once again be able to connect to your beacon.

The beacon should still show up in the Examples though. If you switched it to Eddystone-URL, it won’t show up in the iBeacon demos, but should show up, e.g., in the Beacon Settings Demo.