Unable to change beacon UUID


I changed the UUID for one my beacons from factory default to custom, now i’m trying to change it back to factory but it is not getting applied. Estimote cloud say pending changes. When i tried update firm ware it says “cannot connect to beacon not authorized”.

Looks like Estimote app is not recognizing custom UUID beacons.

Please help ?

thank you

iOS or Android? Have you tried using our Estimote app to connect to the beacon?

it is IOS and yes i tried to connect using Estimote APP & also tried examples APP. Beacon is not showing up in distance demo, proximity demo it does shows up in update firmware option with MAC address.


Can you try checking if there’s firmware update available for the problematic beacon, via the Examples app?

First, you will need to go to https://cloud.estimote.com/#/apps/add/your-own-app and generate yourself an App ID and App Token, if you don’t yet have one. Then, you need to put these in the ESTAppDelegate, in the highlighted line:


Then, you should be able to go to the Update Firmware Demo and try updating firmware.

I updated the my app id & token, it says connection error beacon not found, but it appears in “my beacons in cloud demo”.

That’s weird. Can you post a screenshot with the exact error message?

see enclosed.it is the beacon with mac address startng with e41. If you need the full info i can email them to you.

Which version of the SDK are you on? Can you try the latest one? (i.e., 3.7.0)

I was on 3.2.5, downloaded latest 3.7 examples project getting too many compile issues, not sure what i’m missing. I downloaded zip file from github and ran the xcodeproj, i didn’t see any additional config notes in github docs.

i used 3.5 that worked ok. However it didn’t take my UUID change from cloud. I did a factory reset in the example app. That reset the UUID and cloud was updated. Looks like firmware is not backward compatible. Do i need update my app sdk if update the firmware ?

SDK 3.7.0 requires Xcode 7, that’s why were getting the compilation errors.

As for the backward compatibility of firmware:

  • 3.2 firmware requires SDK 3.4 or later
  • 3.0 firmware requires SDK 3.0 or later

Most of the time, you don’t need to update the SDK when you update firmware—and if you do, we clearly state so in the firmware’s release notes. We recommend using the latest version of the SDK anyway, to benefit from the latest bug fixes and other improvements. (e.g., in 3.7.0, we added better support for Swift 2.0, and improved error messaging)