Estimote App connection after firmware update


I updated three of my Beacons to firmware 3.0.1. Unfortunately I started getting some issues with them directly after that.

  1. Using the Estimote App, I can’t connect and do changes to the Beacons anymore. I get the notification ”Disconnectd. Tap to reconnect" every time I try to reconnect.

  2. I tried a bulk update through the cloud to their broadcasting power. I have the iPhone with the Estimote App open next to the Beacons but after 2 hours it’s till ”Pending changes”.

Note: In the Estimote App I notice that when listing the Beacons the part that shows the firmware version i.e. ”A3.0.1" is in red font.

Any ideas of how I can get everything working again?

Current version of the Estimote app (2.11) doesn’t support beacons with firmware 3.0. How did you update your beacons’ firmware, using the SDK 3.0?

An updated version of the app (2.12) is currently in the review process and should be in the App Store next week—this one support firmware 3.0 just fine, so you’ll be able to connect and bulk-update through the cloud. In the meantime, you can use SDK 3.0 to manually configure your beacons.