Update failed. Beacon now not visible. 2 others updated fine

Updated the iOS Estimote app (latest version as of 21 Oct 2015). Tried to update first beacon to 3.2 from 3.1. It failed at about 25%, and is now no longer visible to the app or BLE Finder. Went through the Archives for a solution, and pulled the battery as recommended in one thread. Still no beacon.

Took a chance, and updated 2 others with no issues.

Is this one beacon now “dead”, or is there a way to resurrect it?

If you open the Estimote app and go to the radar, after a short while there should be a popup that should say the app found one “unsupported” beacon (i.e., the one with the “incomplete” firmware), and offer to resume the firmware update. Can you check that?

If the popup doesn’t show up, can you try replacing a battery in that beacon, and retry?

Also, our Android app can detect “unsupported” beacons and shows them as usual and the radar/list, so if you have any Android device at hand, you can try that too.

If all fails, shoot us a message to contact@estimote.com, and we’ll see what else we can do to help.

Took a while to respond, apologies.

Tried the Estimote app and radar. I gave it about 15 mins and never saw it come up. I cut the cover and pulled the battery and left it out for a few minutes before returning it back. Same (no beacon visible). The other beacons indicate more than 18months remaining, but I still tried a battery swap to rule out lack of power.

Replaced the CR2477 with a CR2450 (all I could find where I am). Still not able to see the one beacon in the iOS Estimote app. I don’t have access to a newer Android device to test using that OS.

Sorry to hear none of the suggestions helped. Please email us at contact@estimote.com, and we’ll arrange a replacement.