Beacon not detecting after failed update

I tried to update the beacon but the process failed at 10% and then the device is not getting detected on iOS or Android devices.

How do I revert it back and make it work again?

Hi Dhaval,

Please try opening Beacon radar part of the app and wait about a minute.
The beacons should show up as 'Unsupported beacons' message.

If the don't please write to me: ola at


I tried that but nothing happens. I have now two beacons having the same problem. The third one updated fine and works well as of now.


In this case please write directly to ola or me: aga [at] we will investigate the case further and do best to help you.


I have same issue. what I do?


Download following SDK:-

and update firmware, start rebooting and again installation process.