Beacons not detected using Estimote iOS App

My beacons are using outdated firmware (A2.1) and after downloading the latest Estimote app, I no longer can see them in the devices section. They are no longer showing up in the radar.

My questions are:

  1. What are my options to update the firmware given the situation?
  2. How do I know if the battery life has ended?
  3. What are my options if I want to replace the battery? Cut them up? Any way to get new enclosures?
  4. If I want to get new estimote beacon replacements, how do I remove
    the existing ones from the estimote Cloud? (I only see the transfer
    option, no delete options)

No matter the beacon firmware, it should still show up on the radar. Does the beacon show up in a BLE scanner? (e.g., this one:

If not, shoot us a message to and we’ll guide you through the battery replacement process and arrange replacement enclosures.


I can’t see beacons on radar in Estimote iOS app when not log-in.
When I do log-in my account and re-enter “Devices” screen, the beacon does appear on radar.
(of course bluetooth is turned on + Location services are enabled all the time)

Does beacon detection on Estimote radar require log-in? if so, why?

I just had a very similar problem last month. The only difference was I couldn’t see “some” beacons at all. I installed the new version of the Estimote app and the Beacons still didn’t show up! I went around and around with Estimote Support (Wojtek Borowicz) and finally sent him a pic from my camera showing 3 of 6 beacons side by side on the floor next to radar and only 3 of the beacons showed up on radar. I finally was sent 3 new beacons and the new beacons worked perfectly. That all said… Before you rip any more of your hair out, contact Wojtek Borowicz (Estimote) and ask him to reference his email from me (Rob Vig) on January 14th 2016. Long story short, I got a set of Beacons that were defective in some way…

@Gil, have you changed UUID of your beacons?

iOS only allows scanning for beacons the UUID of which you know. All Estimote Beacons ship with our default UUID, “B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D”, and these are the beacons you can see on the radar even when not logged in. If you change this UUID to something else, then you need to stay logged in so that Estimote app can know what the UUIDs of your beacons are, and scan for them in addition to the default UUID.

@heypiotr, thank you for the clarification.

Yes I did change the default UUID to another UUID.

The confusion was made because that Estimote Android app does allow me to see non-default UUID beacons around me even without the need to login. but as known, things are different between Android and iOS when it comes to privacy.

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I am using estimote SDK 4.0.0 and testing on iOS 9.3.1. Beacons are not showing in my App and not in the Estimote App. Can anyone help me on this.

I just got the Location beacons with UWB in the mail. I installed the estimote app and the estimote location app. When I open up configuration the beacons show up correctly. But when I go to launch the indoor location demo it says it cannot find any beacons. There are not options to add beacons manually or anything. I am confused as to what I need to do to get them to work for indoor location tracking.