Unable to get template for iOS


I’m trying to get a template for a new app, but it keep saying that I don’t have any beacons yet, which is false of course, what is wrong ?

Here are some screenshots :

Thanks in advance !

You seem to have the first generation of Estimote beacons (2013-2016), and most of our current templates require a newer generation. What app do you want to build?

Arg, no luck…

I want to build an app who show different content next to different beacons in a building. I think my only solution is to begin from a empty app right ? Would the SDK still work with my beacons ?

Our Proximity SDK won’t work, but you can use Apple’s Core Location and iBeacon:

When we built our first generation of hardware, iBeacon was the de-facto standard in the beacon world. Later, we developed our own tech, Estimote Monitoring and Estimote Proximity SDK, with better reliability and usability in mind. But yeah, that tech requires the newer generation of our hardware, so neither the Proximity SDK, nor the templates (which are built with that SDK) will work with the first-gen beacons.

Ok, thanks for the reply, too bad for me.

Do you know if this will work with my beacons or is this the same issue ? https://github.com/estimote/xamarin-bindings


Same thing: these bindings are for the new Proximity SDK.

Ok thank you, I’ll search for a solution with iBeacon tech !