Estimote cloud - You have no beacons compatible with this template


On Esitmote cloud. I have 6 new UWB Proximity Beacons. When I attempt to create a new app using the template ‘Proximity for Multiple Beacons’ I get the error ‘You have no beacons compatible with this template.’ and cannot download the template.

This is a new account. What am I doing wrong?

Error message

Beacons in cloud

Someone from Estimote will have to chime in here, but I think the core issue here is that Estimote has two legacy BTLE beacon types: “Location” and “Proximity”, neither of which have UWB, and the new “UWB” beacons aren’t compatible with the older, BTLE-only SDKs. I think UWB and Proximity are causing confusion because people think they’re one-in-the-same, when they’re actually two different products.

The beacons i bought are new. Arrived yesterday. This is the product i purchased Estimote UWB Beacons

correct, the UWB are NOT proximity beacons… so the location and proximity templates don’t work for the UWB beacons…

so, i created an app via Mobile apps, your own app , template

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@futurelabs Also confirming what was said above here! Thanks @tcamilli and @sdetweil! If you’re still having trouble, reach out to me at and we can review your use case and make sure that UWB is the right product for your needs.

As of right now (March 10th of 2023) we do not have Mobile App Templates in the Cloud that are compatible with our new UWB Beacons.

The templates in the Cloud are compatible with the previous generation of BLE Beacons.

The new UWB Beacons have better precision and are compatible with U1 enabled iPhones/Watch as well as UWB-enabled Android phones supporting FiRa UWB Standard.
In order to build apps for them once has to use Nearby Interactions API from Apple or Google Core UWB API under JetPack.

We do also have SDK with sample app for iOS, but it is not currently available on GitHub and we typically send it to folks who purchased our UWB Beacons over the email. Shoot us a note to contact (at) to get the link.

We do plan to publish it on GitHub shortly as well as modify app templates in the Cloud.
We are just finalising Android SDK, so it matches iOS.

Is the new SDK with sample app for IOS published on Github yet? Also looking for an update to modified app tempaltes in the Cloud for UWB Beacons.