Estimote Xamarin Android IBeacons not found


i use the estimote sdk for android and ios for a xamarin project to detect ibeacons with ranging.


Under iOS it works like a charm, but under android the device is scanning and shows up some bluetooth devices, but not the ibeacons.
I implemented it, like in the native version with the listener.
Can someone help me please?

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes

Hi Hannes,

The Estimote sdk version ( you are using is depreciated by Estimote.

I had also face the same issue. You could install another version using package manager :
Install-Package Estimotes-Xamarin -Version 1.1.0

But in version -1.1.0 , I unable to get the telemetry information of beacon, as i unable to connect to beacon.
I raised this issue to estimote but did not receive any response also unable to find any jar file to read only telemetry information of beacon for Xamarin.

May this help.