"Unable to fetch your mesh networks" on iOS and Android App

Hello Estimote Devs and Community!

I cannot see the list of mesh networks on any of the four beacons when I connect to them via either the iOS or Android app.

Process on both devices (iOS or Android): Open App, connect to Beacon, click on mesh button.
Result (Android): List just shows “Create New” with no error message.
Result (iOS): Error pupup displays saying “Unable to fetch your mesh networks :(. Please check your beacon and network connection and try entering the mesh screen again. Double check if your beacons have the same firmware”

My network connections are enabled on both iOS and Android (using 4G) and my beacons all have the same firmware (4.13.3). I’m also using the latest versions of the apps available on respective stores as at 20th Nov 2018.

The meshes show up correctly when I log into the web portal but not within the Estimote app.

What else can I test or change to fix this so that they all show up? I have previously created my own and I should also see the default one.

I’m also not sure if this is related but when connecting to the device through the app the settings often don’t get updated on the beacon even though there are pending changes that I have made in the dashboard.

I’m still having this issue.

I stopped development on this for a while in the hope that it was a server issue that may get rectified however I still cannot access the mesh of the beacons via the Android or iOS apps.

This means I cannot set up the indoor location tracking either :frowning:

Hey Jason,

Mesh is only required for the automapping demo, but if you’d like to go a step further, you can define your location with a custom app, by following this tutorial. This method doesn’t rely on mesh, so it can get you going while we figure out the mesh situation.


Great cheers Raphael, we will try this!