Estimote SDK and Mesh Scan Reports not visible

Hi Friends
I am trying with Asset Tracking with Estimote mesh network but I am stuck on one place.
I create a mesh with 4 UWB location beacons
then called:

ESTMeshManager *mesh = [[ESTMeshManager alloc] init];
[mesh prepareNearablesScanReportCommandForNetworkIdentifier:<my mesh id> completion:^(NSError * _Nullable error) 


Then I discover beacon with identifier given by estimote , it discovers successfully beacon around me, Then I connect to beacon using

[self.locationBeacon connect];

Below delegate is also calling fine

    - (void)estDeviceConnectionDidSucceed:(ESTDeviceConnectable *)device
         if (beaconDevice.connectionStatus != ESTConnectionStatusConnected)
            [[beaconDevice scanReports] readScanReportWithCompletion:^(ESTMeshNearablesScanReportVO * _Nullable report, NSError * _Nullable error)

                   // No way to fetch details about nearables from report.
    } ];

In above call I get object of ESTMeshNearablesScanReportVO which have only 3 public properties as mentioned in this header :

You can see in below picture I can see them in debug object graph info but have no idea how to print or access them as _resultReports & _reportResultsData is not visible from ESTMeshNearablesScanReportVO class for me.


So how do I get all nearables fetched from mesh and list them in table view ?