Updating settings through mesh network not working

I went through the steps described at http://developer.estimote.com/managing-beacons/mesh but was not able to update my beacons settings through the mesh network I have setup. I tried changing iBeacon settings through the cloud console and even the proposed strategy sending POST requests to the cloud to change beacons GPIO setting. None of the strategies succeed.

To get rid of “Pending Settings” status in the cloud console, I must connect the Estimote Android app to each of the nodes of the Mesh network. But in this case, the mesh network became useless.

In my tests, I have been using the following :

  • Estimote location beacons, hardware version F3.3 with firmware version 4.13.1
  • official Estimote Android app
  • official Estimote cloud console
  • sending upgrade POST requests to Estimote cloud (as documented in the official example)

Could you please support me on this matter?