Trouble with motionProximityUUID


I'm trying to detect motion from a beacon using the motionProximityUUID (so no connection would be necessary).

I successfully set a motionProximityUUID using the SDK method on ESTBeacon:

I start monitoring and ranging for this motionProximityUUID but I never receive -beaconManager:didEnterRegion: or -beaconManager:didExitRegion: delegate methods. The only thing I receive from the delegate is -beaconManager:didDetermineState: (Outside).

I expected to receive a didEnterRegion notification once the beacon is set in motion, but this never happens. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Alex -- sorry for late response. There's a bug in our firmware which prevents motionProximityUUID from working correctly, we're already working on a fix. Stay tuned for the upcoming version of the SDK!

Thank you for getting back to me on this issue. I assume there's no ETA yet on the firmware update?

Kind regards,

Correct, I'm afraid I don't have an ETA for you at this time.

Was this fixed? I still don't get callback to didEnterRegion for the motionProximityUuid region when moving beacon. However didRangeBeacons is called continuously but with region == nil and empty beacons array regardless of the beacon being stationary.

Hi Jakob, almost there! We should release an updated version of the SDK with motionProximityUUID finally fully functional later this week, or early next week at the latest.

OK, thanks, just added the new sdk. However it seems that writeMotionProximityUUID method was removed from the sdk?? Is that understodd correctly?

Hey Jakob—correct, you no longer need to set the motionProximityUUID yourself. Instead, you simple enableMotionUUID (that's a method of an ESTBeacon) and then set the inMotion property of the ESTBeaconRegion object to YES/true to flag that you want this particular region to only detect beacons in motion.

This is mostly so that we can make the Motion UUID feature to also work with the Secure UUID—something that hasn't made it into the recent update, but which we're planning to add in the future.