Motion UUID and Still UUID are being transmitted all the time


I am trying to determine if beacon is in motion by looking at motion UUID that as far as I understand should be only transmitted once in motion. In my case, I am getting it all the time with the still UUID.

Steps that I did

  1. Defined still UUID and motionUUID which is derived from stillUID (ESTBeaconManager.motionProximityUUID(…)
  2. Defined two regions for both UUIDs
  3. Started ranging both regions
  4. in func beaconManager(_manager Any…) I am reading proximityUUID property of the region which is supposed to be one or the other. I am getting both.
    What could be the issue?


Hi @str84s,

I don’t understand how you can read the proximityUUID property and have 2 values?! Does it result a list with the 2 UUID? Or a random value, one time the stillUUID and another time the motionUUID?

Well,the beaconManager monitors two regions. One region has motionUUID associated with it, the other one a still one.
I am capturing ranged beacons in the delegate locationManager:didRangeBeacons:inRegion

In theory, the motionUUID should not be emitted if beacons are still, so that delegate would capture only still UUID.
In my case, I am getting both ( one after the other) even when beacon is still.

OK I understood ><
Are you sure the beacon is motion-activated? I think yes because you receive the motionUUID

Yes it is, I receive motionUUID and also I can see it in Estimote app changing a motion status when I move it.

Are you monitoring or ranging?
Beacuse with monitoring there is a 30s delay maybe perturbing you…

I am ranging or should I say raging LOL
Do I need to explicitly connect to the beacon?

Erf I want to help you but I never tested, I’m not sure the old version D3.X can do that…

I am using F3,3 version.
I think my problem could be that I am not assigning/detecting motion UUID to a beacon properly.
Any idea how to id it in Swift?