motionProximityUUID reading and nodejs

I know this might be offtopic, but Im trying to read the motion sensor from a nodejs app to track my sleep. I have no trouble finding the device and reading the broadcasted info, but I would like to read if the ibeacon has moved or not.

I have changed the motionProximityUUID so its different from the proximityUUID, but when using the motionProximityUUID to discover the device, I get nothing.

Any ideas? Or do I have to connect to the ibeacon to be able to read its motion sensor? And in that case, is it possible to do outside of IOS?


Hi Camilo,

Sorry for the late answer! It appears that some users are still facing problems with motion UUID and cannot enable it. We're working on a fix and are planning to release it shortly. Sorry for the confusion!


Hi Camilo,

You don't need to be connected to a beacon to monitor for the motion UUID. However, it is only broadcasted when beacon is in motion. Are you monitoring for the motion UUID while moving the beacon?



Yes, I've tried to move it like crazy but got nothing.

Could it have something to do with the UUID?
I changed the motionProximityUUID into its proximityUUID but replaced the last character to another hex character.