Multiple beacons motion detection problem


I am detecting still and moving beacon

CLBeaconRegion *staticRegion = [[CLBeaconRegion alloc] initWithProximityUUID:stillUUID identifier:@"Still"];
[self.beaconManager startMonitoringForRegion:staticRegion];
[self.beaconManager startRangingBeaconsInRegion:staticRegion];

NSUUID *motionUUID = [ESTBeaconManager

CLBeaconRegion *motionRegion = [[CLBeaconRegion alloc] initWithProximityUUID:motionUUID

[self.beaconManager startMonitoringForRegion:motionRegion];
[self.beaconManager startRangingBeaconsInRegion:motionRegion];

but my problem is I am not able to check motion of multiple beacons, can you please help!!!

Just clone what you have done already for each additional beacon:

CLBeaconRegion *staticRegion1 = [[CLBeaconRegion alloc]
  initWithProximityUUID:stillUUID major:123 minor:456
  identifier:@"beacon 1 motionless"];
CLBeaconRegion *motionRegion1 = [[CLBeaconRegion alloc] 
  initWithProximityUUID:motionUUID major:123 minor:456
  identifier:@"beacon 1 in motion"];

CLBeaconRegion *staticRegion2 = [[CLBeaconRegion alloc]
  initWithProximityUUID:stillUUID major:987 minor:654
  identifier:@"beacon 2 motionless"];
CLBeaconRegion *motionRegion2 = [[CLBeaconRegion alloc] 
  initWithProximityUUID:motionUUID major:987 minor:654
  identifier:@"beacon 2 in motion"];

… and start monitoring and ranging for these.

Note: the staticRegion you’ve defined is too broad: you only used the UUID, and you need to use UUID+major+minor, like I’ve shown above.

Hi @heypiotr,
I understand the above code, but my concern is, I want to recognise which beacon is moving in a generic way, means not by hardcoding major and minor value. is there any way to do that.

Ah, got it! In this case, you could do:

CLBeaconRegion *staticRegion = [[CLBeaconRegion alloc]
  identifier:@"all my motionless beacons"];

CLBeaconRegion *motionRegion = [[CLBeaconRegion alloc] 
  identifier:@"all my beacons in motion"];

i.e., simply omit the major + minor.

You will also want to change your beacons’ UUID to your own one, not the default Estimote one (i.e., B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D), if you haven’t done this already.

This should work great with ranging—each second, you will get two calls to the didRangeBeacons delegate: one for the staticRegion, with a list of all your beacons (and their majors and minors) that are motionless, and one for the motionRegion, with a list of all your beacons that are in motion.