Testing Estimote virtual beacon

Hi , I have compiled and installed the demo app on my Nexus 5 and I have also installed estimote virtual beacon on my ipad 2 (ios7) . I launch the distance demo on my ipad and also choose Distance demo on my android device menu . but my android device finds 0 beacons ! is it even possible for iOS and android devices to work with each other or something else is wrong .
thanks very much

Sorry for the confusion: I just double checked and noticed that iPad 2 doesn't have Bluetooth 4.0 hardware. So it's not compatible with the Beacons and cannot act as a Virtal Beacon.

Google play doesn't let me download the estimote app , I wanted to ask if it's possible for you to download the apk directly from a link .
thanks very mych


Reaaaalllly??? Estimote support is great!

Hi there,

If you want your iPad to act as a Virtual Beacon, you don't need to launch a demo - you have to make it broadcast as a Beacon. Only then another device will be able to detect it. Hope it helps.


I use android 4.4 . I have used both the google play application and the demo app from sdk to find my ipad(running as virtual beacon) . but in both cases I have had no results .

Okay, understood. Do you have another iOS 7 device, that you could use to see if it detects the Virtual Beacon?

Yes but it's not iOS 7 so I can't install estimote on it. Is there any problem between android and iOS devices?

No, the Android app should be able to detect Virtual Beacons. Please make sure that you have location services enabled for your iOS app and that you're using the latest version of both the Android and iOS app.

I have location services on in my ipad and I'm also using the latest versions of both apps

I just tested iOS app on one of my friend's iphone5 (iOS7) , and it worked as a beacon to my nexus 5 . what I noticed was that in the iphone5 location services , there was estimote app icon , but in my ipad2 estimote icon is not in location services.

Hi smtabatabaie

Your iPad 2 is working as expected. The issue is with the onboard bluetooth hardware. Unfortunately, it does not have Bluetooth 4.0 onboard.

Not only will the iPad 2 be able to act as a beacon but it can't pick up beacon signals due to the missing hardware requirements.

See http://support.apple.com/kb/SP622