Beacons not detected using Estimote Android App

I am unable to find the beacons using the Estimote Android App. But I can view all the purchased beacons from the web page. I need to update the firmware of the beacons. How can I do that using the App? Beacons are not getting detected using the iOS app also.


Hi Meera,
It might be a problem with battery. Please use 3rd party bluetooth scanner app, like this one: and let me know if the beacons are detected. Thanks!

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Hi Agnes,

The beacons are getting detected using the below mentioned app. How can I get it detected by the Estimote App? I also want to update the firmware of the beacons.

Hmm, strange. No worries though, we’ll get it to work! :wink:

Can you post a screenshot from the Bluetooth scanner? Does it show devices with names “estimote” or “est”? When did you receive your beacons?

The beacons are shown with name “estimote”. These were purchased in July 2014.

Gotcha, looks good. Can you double check if you have Location Services enabled, both globally for the phone, and for the Estimote app too?

The Location Services were enabled on the phone but not always for Estimote App. Now I could detect the beacons. But one of the Blueberry beacon is still not getting detected. It is not getting detected with the BLE Scanner app also.

Also is it with the recent update that we need the Location Services to be enabled to detect the beacons? Earlier using Android Estimote App I could see the beacons and change its settings without location services enabled.

If a beacon doesn’t show up both in the app and the scanner, it’s probably a dead battery. Shoot us an email to, and we’ll let you know how to replace it, and provide replacement enclosures.

Location Services were always a requirement for the app to work properly. Maybe something went wrong with the LS settings during an update? Anyway, glad it’s working now! (:

I have same problem.
I received two beacon develop kits, and i can’t find my two icy beacons using Estimote Android/ iOS App, but they can be shown with no name in BLE Scanner.
Is it a battery problem?
How can I do?

Estimote Beacons always have “EST” or “estimote” in the name field, that unnamed device is probably something else.

Shoot us a message to and we’ll fix you a replacement dev kit. Sorry for the troubles!


I have similar problem,

I have 3 beacons, 2 of them is not getting detected via iOS Deployment app.
Thus not able to sync it with cloud.