Swift: correct way to setup app ID and token?

Unable to detect a secured beacon. Seems I missed to setup the app ID and the token. Is this the right way to set it up in AppDelegate?

ESTBeaconManager.setupAppID("appID", andAppToken: "appToken")

No error. Beacon found... 0

Hey Fabrice—yes, this looks okay. Can you detect your secure beacon with the Estimote app?

Hi Piotr, yes I can detect the secured beacon with the Estimote app.
However, it is not detected by the sample "Examples", which is supposed to use SDK 2.2.
Wondering if I should not setup it inside one of the headers in Estimote SDK.
Your views?

In the Examples app, have you added your App ID and App Token to the AppDelegate class? There's a commented-out line in there for you to populate and uncomment. Could you check if that helps with the Examples?

The Examples is written... in Objective-C.
Is there a new link where I can find the Swift version?

I'm afraid we do not have a Swift version... yet (:

In case I have a beacon before… what’s the App ID and App Token … ?