Authenticate to Beacon

I am trying to connect to a beacon that I have claimed to modify a value. I am using ESTBeaconConnection. After calling startConnection(), I receive an error that I am not authenticated. Not surprising. However, I am having a hard time finding documentation on how to do this. Do I use my AppID somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

To connect to a beacon and be able to change its settings, you need to authenticate yourself as its rightful owner. In the Estimote iOS and Android utility apps, that’s through the login and password. In your own apps, you use App ID + App Token combo instead (this is so that you don’t need to hard-code your login & password in the source code of the app).

You can obtain the App ID + App Token by adding your app in Estimote Cloud:

Then, in in your app, you need to do:

ESTCloudManager.setupAppId("app id here", andAppToken: "app token here")

(In SDK 3.5 and later, use ESTConfig instead of ESTCloudManager.)

Then, you should be able to connect to your beacon (: