Estimote Authorization - App ID/Token?

With the recent SDK, there is an "Authorize" view in the Example code provided that displays text boxes for an "App id" and "App Token".

I assume that we'll be setting this up somewhere in the portal but that it just isn't there yet - or is there something else I'm missing?

Hi Jonathon,

It appears that not every user got immediate access to the API token. Now, however, we've rolled it out to everyone and you should be able to find it in account settings.


Very cool, thank you Wojtek!

Sure, glad to help :)

where is account settings?

it can be found on the cloud portal:

How add Beacon to my account?

Your beacons are automatically associated to the email address you've purchased them with, so please set up your Estimote account with the same address. If you can't or don't want to have beacons assigned to that account, let me know ( and I'll migrate them manually.


hi Wojtek Borowicz,
I have downloaded example app from here Im using iPad 3 as iBeacon. This app not listing the beacon when select any demo link. I want to test it out before buy. What to do?? Help me.


Might be a Core Location bug. Please try rebooting both your devices, it should help.



Thanks for your reply. I tried rebooting both devices but no luck. I didn't authorize the app. Because I don't have app Id & App Token.

I downloaded the estimote iPhone app from appstore in both devices(iPad 3), one for iBeacon another one for phone, its working good. Please give me the solution.

Hi again,

You can access your API token in Estimote Cloud account settings:

To set up your account please follow these instructions:


Hi Wojtek,

It's great to see the update, haven't been tried it yet, but just have a question in my mind,

With this SDK update, did I need to update the Estimote beacon firmware?
If not, can I still use the old SDK to bypass the authorization?


Hi Ritchie,

Sorry for the late answer. You need to update the beacons firmware to be able to use the new features included in the SDK.


Hi Wojtek,

Great! Thanks alot...
Will be very happy to play around with Estimote!

how do I register to access ?

Hi Alessio,

There's a full descirpiton of setting up an account through our iOS app here:


I am in the Estimote Cloud...I can see my 3 beacons...I clock on the "Account Settings" to get my App id and App Token, but nothing displays, I still see the beacon information. This looks like a problem with the Estimote Cloud website. I've tried on Safari, IE, and Firefox. I cannot access the Account Settings.

Hi Steve,

Sorry for that, we're working on a fix! We've found a bug in the account settings and they're temporarily disabled. Will be back online in a matter of hours!


Thanks, it's fixed now.