App ID and App Token in Estimote Cloud Account

I have a couple of concerns regarding usage of App ID and App Token in Estimote Cloud Account:

  1. I am using proximity beacons with beacon monitoring as the major feature in my app. I am required to implement SecureUUID, for which I am building an app using ‘Your own app’ template. I have an App ID-App Token pair as a result of using this template. Is there a way by which I can assign multiple beacons from my beacons list to a specific App ID-App Token pair? In the estimote cloud account I don’t see an option to do that. Is it possible to do that?
    The idea is to be able to create multiple Apps(or App ID-App Token pairs), each having a list of beacons assigned. The list of beacons assigned to an App, will have same UUIDs, but different major-minor IDs.
  2. Is there a way to enable/disable App ID-App Token from the account? How can I block/unblock beacon monitoring from account level?