Change AppID & Token during app is running


we want to allow the user to enter his personal AppID and Token while the app is running.
Right now we disconnect all beacons after these settings are changed, but somehow it seems we can’t connect to the estimote after this.

So, what is the right approach here?

Right now we run

[ESTCloudManager setupAppID:appID andAppToken:appToken];

When the appid is entered by the user and disconnect all connected estimotes.

Is that enough and should do the job?



Could you please explain more what is the reason for user inputting his own AppID and Token? It is only necessary in case of changing the beacon settings (or use of the Secure UUID) and applies to whole fleet of beacons. I would like to hear more about the use case to possibly come up with a reasonable solution.

Hi @jacku,

we want to allow users of our app to read out the temperature sensor of there estimote beacon.
In order to do this they need to connect and authenticate. In the first step we thought it would be enough to share the beacon with us via the estimote cloud, but this doesn’t work. So, we decided to allow the user to enter hin App ID and Token to authenticate and use is own beacons.


Looks good to me, what’s the error message? (beaconConnection:didFailWithError delegate method)